Ostara – also known as the Spring Equinox – falls around March 21st each year (the date can vary depending on the year, but the equinox or the “first day of spring” is marked on most calendars). It is one of two times in the year when the day and night are of equal length. Once the spring equinox passes, the days will be longer than the nights until we reach the fall equinox.

This was the “seed time” as the business of planting began, the world warmed, and the earth’s fertility was celebrated.

This is a time to be about the business of sowing what one wishes to reap. Fertility of all kinds is celebrated in an active rather than thoughtful or introspective way.

The Lord and Lady are involved in courtship and frivolity as the world comes to life. In the story of Persephone, she would be emerging from the underworld back into the world of the living.