John Farrow (HP/CC)
Magical name: Griffin
Stone: Pink Kunzite
Birthday: January 27th
Level: 3rd Degree (2005)

Tina Cotterman (HP/CC)
Magical name: Asha
Stone: Bloodstone
Birthday: April 1st
Level: 2nd Degree (2020)

Austin Goodwin (Treasurer/CC)
Magical name: Stagheart
Stone: Angelite
Birthday: November 8th
Level: 1st Degree (2015)

Don Ament (Elder/CC)
Magical name: Morgan
Stone: Amethyst
Birthday: January 5th
Level: 3rd Degree (2000)

Debbie Olson (CC)
Magical name: Morrigan
Stone: Golden Calcite
Birthday: February 5th
Level: 1st Degree (2013)

Wendy Seidl (CC)
Magical name: Dolphin’s Wake
Stone: Fluorite 
Birthday: July 2nd
Level: 1st Degree (2015)

Rochelle Coleman (CC)
Magical name: Fawn
Stone: Lepidolite
Birthday: September 7th
Level: 1st Degree (???)

Cheeta (CC)
Magical name: Raven Star
Stone: River Rock
Birthday: June 13th
Level: 1st Degree (2020)

Beth Bennett-Blesi
Magical name: Whales Joy
Stone: Lapis
Birthday: May 6th
Level: 2nd Degree (2014)

Margret Blaylock
Magical name: Serenity
Stone: Amethyst
Birthday: March 6th
Level: 1st Degree (???)

Mary Switras
Magical name: Gabija
Stone: Tiger Eye
Birthday: January 23rd
Level: 1st Degree (2019)

Matt Saxe
Magical name: Seth
Stone: Hematite
Birthday: December 10th
Level: 1st Degree (2017)

Brent Bender
Magical name: LuniaQ
Stone: Hematite
Birthday: July 2nd
Level: Dedicant (2021)

Michelle Halonen
Magical name: Xaal Knight
Stone: Labradorite
Birthday: November 7th
Level: Dedicant (2021)

Sandi Holte
Magical name: Heidrun Swanfeather
Stone: Moldavite
Birthday: November 28th
Level: Dedicant (2021)

Randy Libersky
Magical name: pending
Stone: Orange Calcite
Birthday: May 24
Level: Dedicant (2022)

Helena Leary-Heinz
Magical name: Artimesia Terrene
Stone: Charoite
Birthday: September 1st
Level: Dedicant (2022)

Peter Krueger
Magical name: Arthur
Stone: Green Tourmaline
Birthday: February 26th
Level: Dedicant (2022)

Mary Diaz
Magical name: Lunarose
Stone: Rose Quartz
Birthday: March 15th
Level: Dedicant (2022)


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