April 30-May 1 ~ Camp Sallie (22342 Martin Lake Rd NE, Stacy, MN)

Arrive at noon on Saturday. Ritual at 4:00pm, potluck feast to follow.

Please CLICK HERE to access the food list and let us know what you plan to bring. If you can’t edit it (some people have had trouble), email, and I will add it for you. If you want something specific that someone else has brought to an event in the past – let them know!! They might not be aware how much you liked it. 

If you want to drink (AFTER the ritual only), you will need to bring your own alcohol. Also, if you drink, make sure you plan to stay the night or bring a designated driver. Impaired individuals will not be permitted to drive out of camp. Note that everyone who stays over will need to be up bright and early to help clean up and pack up so we ALL can get out in a timely manner. 

Bring your drums or other instruments!
Beltane is a party and what is a party without music?!?!

As usual, Beltane is open to coven members and long-term partners only. No children.

AT ALL TIMES you must be cognizant of other people’s boundaries and RESPECT THEM. Everyone has different levels of comfort. If you are unsure where someone else draws the line, make certain that you ask.